Top-rated Services For Students To Use Without Login

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Top-rated Services For Students To Use Without Login

“Sorry, this log-in is in use. Please, choose another one.” This phrase is mostly annoying nowadays. People have registered a billion times on different services, and it seems that all the possible logins have been used. That is why Internet users just want to surf the Web and use its resources without creating a login.

Whether you use academic transcription services, E-commerce websites, online forums, development companies, or managing tools, you would rather register with e-mail or even don’t use the login at all. In this case, we want to represent some services where you don’t need to create a “unique” login to be a regular customer.

Transcriberry Online Service

Many online help services can be used without login since you just have to pay for assistance. Transcriberry is among them. Here you can get an affordable transcription service for your video and audio, for podcasts or songs. And one of the most amazing things about this service is that you don’t have to log in.

To get Transcriberry assistance, you need to place an order, indicate the requirements, pay for the order and leave your e-mail. In other words, you have to spend about a minute using the transcription company.

Among the other benefits, you will also recognize a fast turnaround time, convenient website, and responsive support. That is why being an Internet user, you will definitely love the transcription company.


E-commerce is an integral part of the modern world. People use thousands of websites to buy or sell goods in a few clicks. Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces. Here you have access to almost all goods from accessories to gadgets. And again, it is not compulsory to log in to Amazon to buy something.

Here you have only to choose the product, fill the shipping form, and make a payment. Amazon was the first to change the world of E-commerce. The opportunity to buy goods without logging in was among the most amazing unique features of this service. For today, many other companies implement this feature on their websites so their customers can buy goods in a matter of seconds.


Being a designer, videographer, photographer, or artist, you always need inspiration. There are many sources to get it like museums, social networks, books, and others. However, there is one specialized platform - Pinterest. Here you can look for many photos and pictures to get inspiration for your own work. And the most amazing thing is that you don’t have to register. Just go to Pinterest and search for something that you are interested in.

Whether you have to create a design for a transcription website, make a new logo for voice-to-text software, create a series of photos for a celebrity - Pinterest can help you.


Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a person who hasn't heard about Youtube. Millions of videos from across the globe for free. Whether you are interested in how transcription services work, how the music is created, or in the history of humanity, you can find all the information here.

You can use a lot of Youtube features without login. Firstly, you can watch videos. Also, you can check audio to text subtitles to catch difficult words. You even can watch films here since there are some channels that provide access for free.

Of course, you can create an account to get more opportunities, like uploading your own videos, promoting a transcription company with some videos, subscribing to channels, commenting, and so on. Nonetheless, if you only want to watch videos, you don’t have to log in and even create an account. Just enter the service and search for what you are interested in.


Here is one more popular website globally. Although this website claims that the information in articles is not always accurate, many people rely on it as the main evidence for different situations. Since it is a free online encyclopedia, it is very useful for any student across the globe.

And again, you don’t need to log in to use this service. Actually, if you don’t want to add or edit an article, you don’t have to do anything to use Wikipedia. Everything is free and available to everybody.

Do you want to know what transcription services are? Do you need more information about audio transcription? Do you want to learn history in detail or get more knowledge in physics? Check Wikipedia. You can find almost any information regardless of the sphere on this website.


Being a web designer or blogger, you often need many pictures to post on a website. Sometimes you have to create them from scratch to make them unique and improve SEO. However, in some cases, you can use stock photos and images just to make content more attractive. Pixabay is one of the services that may help you.

Here you can find thousands of pictures for any topic without creating an account. Just type the search inquiry and choose the most appropriate image. Creators sign their images with some kind of hashtags like “transcribe audio software” or “man with a laptop” so you can easily find the image for your needs.

Similar to previous services, you can use Pixabay without login. What do you get if you register? Some recommendations according to the search history and opportunity to pay for unique images.

Daily ToDo

The last service we want to represent is an online schedule tool. Here you can list all the things that you have to do during the day or the whole week. If you are annoyed by dozens of sticky notes and writings in your notebook, daily to-do can help you. You may create a simple to-do list within a matter of seconds and just mark the things you have finished.

This tool is very simple and doesn’t provide a lot of opportunities to customize your list. However, you don't even need to log in, so it is easy to use the service.


Although most simple logins are used, you don’t have to register on all the websites. For example, to convert audio to text or buy some goods, you only have to pay for it. Thus, choose the service according to your needs and use it in a matter of seconds.

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