Tips To Fix Macbook Login Issues

4 days ago | Assunta Oberbrunner

Tips To Fix Macbook Login Issues

You expect to follow a specific process once you press the power button on your MacBook. The screen should be lit, and an Apple logo appears on it. Next, you’ll see the loading progress bar, and you may have to enter a login password if you have your FileVault turned on.

The next step is to enter a PIN that allows you to access your MacBook. After that, you expect to get started with using it. However, this sometimes doesn’t happen. MacBooks do experience login issues anywhere along this process.

For instance, most MacBook users have reported getting stuck on the login screen. That’s the most common issue, but you could also experience other problems. So, what should you do to fix login issues on your MacBook? This article is a guide to help you correct this effortlessly.

Problem: Getting Stuck on Login Screen

Getting stuck on the Macbook login screen, as said before, is a common problem. But then, it is also a tough call for an ordinary user like yourself to try and fix it. We will simplify the process for you so that you don’t have to seek help from a technician.


The reasons for getting stuck on the login screen include;

  • Malware or viruses

  • Insufficient hard drive space after update

  • Motherboard failure

  • Corrupted file systems during partition

  • Corrupted SSD or HDD

  • Power problems

  • Too many items loading when booting

How To Fix It

You should know that a MacBook getting stuck on the login screen is sometimes a complex problem. It means that there’s something wrong with your Mac system that you must fix urgently. 

Here’s what you need to do for your MacBook to start working again as soon as possible.

  1. Reboot Your Mac

You shouldn’t seek technical solutions before you try out the basics. So start by;

  • Shutting off your Mac

  • Disconnecting all peripherals

  • Checking if your charging cable is working

If there’s nothing visibly wrong, reconnect the peripherals and press the power button. Proceed to step 2 if it is still stuck.

  1. Skip login items when starting up

This is another fix that solves login issues on MacBooks. Your computer follows a specific process before you can access programs after turning it on. Since you are stuck at logging in, the best way to discover problems is by skipping this step.

And, yes, there’s a way to get past the login step and use your Mac. You need to;

  • Turn on your Mac

  • Enter the PIN on the login page but then do not click enter.

  • Next, long-press the shift key. This will prevent some apps from launching

  • Now press the enter key, and you’ll be ready to go.

  1. Reboot Your Mac in Safe mode

MacBooks have a safe mode to help users solve login issues. Once your Mac switches to this mode, it minimizes the apps that load when the Mac is booting. This makes it easier to identify the root cause of your MacBook login issues.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Restart your Mac

  • Press the power button and shift key simultaneously until you see the Apple logo

These two steps take your MacBook into safe mode. But it is a slow process that also doesn’t work with all OS X functions and programs. Also, confirm that you have 10GB of hard drive space before restarting your MacBook in safe mode.

  1. Reset NVRAM/PRAM

You can also fix login issues by resetting NVRAM/PRAM. This is where your Mac stores its most vital settings, including sound volume and screen settings. For instance, it’s the function you interact with when looking to adjust the display setting for your new monitor for macbook pro.

But then, the most critical reason to reset it is that it also plays a crucial role in ensuring your Mac starts up efficiently. Here’s how to do it.

  • Restart your computer

  • Simultaneously press and hold Option, Command, P, and R keys

  • Your Mac will restart in 20 seconds; release the keys when it does

  • Adjust the settings you reset in the system preferences

  1. Restart in Single User Mode

Do not panic if the first two hacks didn’t work for you. You can try to restart your Mac in Single User Mode. This mode works like safe mode, but then it’s more advanced. It will help you identify common problems affecting your Mac and even fix them.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Press the power button and S key simultaneously

  • Release the keys when a white text appears on a dark background

  • Enter your password for your Mac to restart in Single User Mode

  1. Start Your Mac From the macOS Recovery Mode

Best App Wiki 90

This is another effective hack for this Mac issue. The OS comes with a set of inbuilt recovery systems, including what we’re about to show you. Well, entering the macOS recovery mode is simple. You need to;

  • Turn off your Mac

  • Turn it back on with the R and command key pressed.

  • Release the keys once the loading bar appears.

Once in recovery mode, you can start by repairing the startup disk, which is probably corrupted at this point. You can do this using another in-built recovery tool known as disk utility. The macOS recovery mode also allows you to reinstall your OS, reset your password, fix your settings, etc.


At some point, many Mac users have experienced getting stuck on the login page. You cannot do anything on your computer if it doesn’t go past the login page. This makes it an emergency that you must take care of quickly, primarily if you use your MacBook for professional work.

This article has provided some of the best hacks for solving MacBook login issues. It has also provided the steps for fixing this problem with every hack shared. This is to help you quickly implement these steps and get your computer back up again.

Following these steps will ensure that you solve the issue rather than complicate it. Many users lose their files when they attempt to solve MacBook login issues without the proper steps. You can also consider backing up all vital files before you start fixing this login issue.


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