Step By Step Guide To Open A CRA My Account In 2021

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Step By Step Guide To Open A CRA My Account In 2021

A CRA my account is a personal account that lets you get tax information, and pay your individual income tax online. You can manage your all tax affairs by using this CRA account online and conveniently.  You can use your CRA id and password to manage your tax affairs and pay your tax online. In this article, we will get you to know how to register on the CRA My Account and CRA Business Account?

What is MY CRA Account?

My Account CRA is an online and secure service that lets you know about income tax affairs and pay your tax online. It is a secure tax account on Canada Revenue Agency, secures your all benefit and tax information without any risk. This service helps you in managing your tax affairs online and secures your tax information. You can view your tax information in your account in no time when tax is available to pay on your income.

You need to register for a CRA account and access your account by adding your personal information to your account.

How to Register to CRA My Account?

If you want to get your tax information online and pay your tax from this account, you need to register on CRA. You can create a CRA account quickly and easily in no time. It needs some of your personal information and proceeds to the signup process.

Follow these steps to get register on a CRA account and run your business company:

Add your Personal Information:

You first need to provide your personal information on this application carefully to register for a CRA account. Enter the following information:

  • Social insurance number.
  • Date of birth
  • Postal code or Zipcode
  • Amount of income tax
  • Amount of profit returns
  • CRA user ID
  • CRA personal Password

Fill in all this personal information with care and verify them to get no problem.

Log In to MY CRA Account:

You need to enter your CRA account information to access your account. You can use CRA sign-in service to get access to your account in no time. 

You need to enter your user ID and password in your CRA account. You can manage your online banking affairs by paying taxes using a CRA account. You need the following information to sign in CRA account:

  • CRA User ID
  • CRA security Password

Register for a CRA My Business Account:

You can register on MY CRA business account; for paying your business tax and handling your tax affairs through this online tax system in Canada. You can get register on My Business Account using your individual account information. 

  • Open the CRA website to register on your My Business Account.
  • To register your Business Account, log in to your account and enter your User id. To access your account enter your CRA password.
  • Start to register on CRA Business Account you need to enter your business and personal details (business number, tax return information, and previous year's tax details).

Benefits of My Business Account:

My Business CRA Account is the best online secure application, allows you to manage your business and tax details including GTS and profit details.

  • You can view all business information related to your My Business account. This information includes your name, your address, and banking information on the CRA account.
  • You can view and verify your GST returns on your business account in CRA Account. 
  • You can view your payment schedule and installment schedules of paying business tax in this online banking. Verify your GST schedule and payment installments for paying tax. 
  • View the transaction slip that you made for paying tax online.
  • View assessment notice, account transaction, and balance in your CRA account; for further processing.

Benefits of CRA My Account for Individuals:

Canada Revenue Agency is the best online system, helps you in your tax paying and managing your taxes in this account in no time. This CRA individual Account offers you the following benefits:

  • You can view your past tax details and manage your present tax details.
  • Get quick access to your RRSP and TFSA information through My Account. 
  • You can get access your business through this account and also authorize someone to get access your account; using your user ID and password.
  • You can rectify your past mistakes, change your installment schedule using this CRA account and correct your mistakes in your tax returns.


CRA is Canada Revenue Authority that allows you to manage your tax online and pay your taxes online. You can get access to all tax schedules and installments by signing in to your My Account. You need your user id and password to access your account on this site.

You can Register to a My business CRA Account to manage your online banking through this account. This is the quite an easy and convenient way; for business, holder to manage their taxes.

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