Reduce Login Friction Without Compromising Security

1 week ago | Miss Breanne Heathcote

Reduce Login Friction Without Compromising Security

It is obvious and natural when you use mobile apps or online services then people expect a smooth user experience and less patience for anything that might slow them down. For this purpose, software teams provide useful tools that can help to reduce online friction. This is a tough task for the software team as they make a call between putting up barriers for their legitimate users vs. securing their services. Because LoginAsk believes that this is an easy way to improve your security with the best customer experience. Additionally, it is seen that 67% of site visitors completely abounded sign up if find any difficulties. However, if you are lucky 20% of them will properly follow your company in the way you want. In addition to this, if you want to get people to sign up through the company internet, eCommerce, the mobile app then you make the process as soon as possible. Let's discover with LoginAsk. 

7 Different methods to reduce login friction: 

Here are the 7 tips to reduce login friction and these are mentioned below let's see:

Single sign-on service use

This is the crucial time for larger platforms that are part of a vast ecosystem with so many logins. Additionally, this can solve by providing a complex hospital platform that connects to multiple systems. For this purpose, you should make an important strategy that will help to reduce login friction and make the signup process easy.

Here are some benefits you get from this service

1. Single sign-in helps to simplify password manager for users and also reduces password fatigue.

2. It will provide immediate and quick employees system access.

3. It tends to lower security issues for partners, vendors, and customers.

4. Besides that, the help of multifactor verification improves identity protection.

5. The number of shelf single sign-on services makes it more effective to implement.

Keep it short

This is the second beneficial step to reduce login friction. It is noted that if you want to increase your sign-ups then it is essential to minimize the steps involved. But the issue is how you will get the ideal that will make this process possible.

Here are two ways gave then help to shorten from length:

  • Use that file only which is required. Save anything else encourage users to complete their profile. Hide any repeated fields like password verification and email. Display only one file at one time when it's entered then you can display a second file below it. You never force people to type files twice.

Use a Single Column layout

Reduce login friction and make user experience smoothly you have to follow some tips and tricks that are very beneficial for you:

  • It is important to put your all file in logical order.

  • Make things easy to read and understandable for the user from top to bottom.

  • Mention the labels above the input fields not to the left( as you can see in many forms).

  • Most importantly, avoid placing fields side by side except for items where it tends to be normal like zip code, state, and city.

Play with nice Autofill

By following Autofill you can able to reduce login friction. 

Here are some ways to make a smoother experience to reduce login friction: 

  • In phone automatically fill dashes or input fields. In data, fields fill in slashes.

  • Step to the next option or transition from one field to other automatically.

  • Avoid selecting a list for data values such as months or years.

Most probably, you forget to check the auto function on both desktop and phone. As there is a different experience in between of Autofill between them.

Guest checkout for e-commerce

Reduce login friction possible it is important to avoid that no one spends money on your site. Instead of that, you can simply open an account by creating a password. Or just open a new account with the help of the information you have and then send the instructions to the users on how to finalize the process of signing up.

Don't use a captcha

Best App Wiki 80

This is also a very important step that you don't use captcha on your sign up form:

Here are three good reasons why:

  • The puzzles of captcha become harder and harder for people to solve.

  • From the abandonment, the use of captcha has been shown to increase.

  • Don't put the owns on anybody else who is trying to give you money do it on yourself.

Only get the first impression once

On the way of onboarding users, the signup process is the most crucial piece of user experience to do it right. Whether your goal is to acquire, inform or retain customers all depends on your target audience past the initial sign-up process. For this purpose don't let your sales and marketing be better than your onboarding users.

In conclusion, now it's time to conclude our final thought about reducing login friction. This is possible and easy if you follow the above mention steps. These steps are quite beneficial that make your login smoother, quicker, and easier. So, without any delay do follow these steps and get the desired benefit.


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