LOL Common Login Issues And Solutions: Things You Need To Know

6 days ago | Brielle Lakin

LOL Common Login Issues And Solutions: Things You Need To Know

The rate of playing online games has increased with internet users’ increase in internet users’ increase over the past few years. But this rapid increase has caused a lot of network traffic to make the gaming apps run slow. The extra load on the internet connection has made it either slow or unstable. This issue has only grown bigger in this Pandemic.

One such game is LOL or League of Legends. This popular game is facing loads of login issues. Though it can be easily fixed, the occurrence of these during playing games has become very annoying to the gamers. Now, the main problem is that more than half of the app users are not technically smart and unable to solve the fix the issues by themselves.

In this article, we have talked about a few LOL login issues and their solutions to help the gamers fix them within seconds without anyone else’s help.

What LOL is

League of Legends or LOL is an online 3D team-based game that can be played with a team of 5 players. It is a battle game with 140 characters available. The players choose one character each and fight with other teams and destroy each other’s bases to win the game. Different weapons and advantages get unveiled or won with the points collected, levels crossed, and battles won.

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Some common login issues

A few login issues keep occurring in the game irrespective of what level you are in. The followings are some of them-

Redirected logins

One of the most occurred problems is the redirection of user logins. The users are getting g redirected to different sites from which they are getting redirected to a different one if pressed on the back instead of returning to the site.

Credential errors

A lot of username or password or other details errors have been getting seen during login to the LOL server.

Time out

The occurrence of page time out or expiration has increased a lot with slow and unstable internet connections.

Over traffic

This is a situation of multiple people trying to have access to the game resulting in an entire server breakdown or failure for a short time.

Unsupported region

A lot of time, a different region is put in the login panel instead of the one used during signing up for the game. This can create login errors.

Permission errors

If the app has not been granted with all the permissions it needs to run smoothly, it may have some login errors.

Solutions to the issues

The issues can be solved easily within minutes if diagnosed and understood properly. Some solutions are provided below-

Check the information page

Check the information and basic details you are putting in to see whether they are correct or not.

Check the page’s validity.

See if the page has run out of time and got expired. If yes, reload or refresh the page. If it’s due to slow net connectivity, wait for a few minutes and reload it after some time.

Check the region

Make sure that the region you are typing down during the login is the same as the one used during registering in the game.

Reinstall or update the app

If the issues keep occurring even after checking and doing the above-mentioned options, there may be some app problems. You may update it or uninstall and reinstall it to see whether the problem is gone. You may also format your app and create a whole new account.

Disable the security

Check if the app is not working properly due to security enable in your device. If yes, give the app the required and necessary permissions to run without any errors.

Disable the Killer Network

If the login page is showing you offline even when you have a perfectly fine net connection and are online, you must check if the Killer Network Adapter is enabled. This problem usually occurs in Windows. It is a default setup.

Click on the start button, type “Killer”, and go to the app. Go to the control centre or settings in the app and disable the mode by unchecking it. Save the changes and leave the app once done.

Reset privacy options

If the issue keeps occurring, go to the menu or Windows taskbar and change your UAC settings to “never notify”.

Run it as administrator

If you use Windows, you may choose to run the app as an administrator. Go to the LOL app and click on “Properties”. Choose “Run as administrator” from the compatibility tab.

Update Windows

If you are still having problems with the login, you may want to check if the problem is with your computer or Windows. Update the Window or restart your PC to check if the problem is gone.

Disable Safari

If you are a Mac user, the Safari app can be blocking the LOL app. Go to the app, click on the “Preferences”, and go to the Privacy settings. Enable the always option under the cookies and data tab to permit the app.

Disable cookies

If your page is getting redirected to other sites, disable the cookies in the LOL app window.


Do not panic if you are constantly facing login issues. Remember, a calm head and composed mind can solve any problems. Read the above article carefully and know what should be done immediately. If the problem is still not getting solved, only then contact an expert and take advices.


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