Log In To Router: How To Access & Change Settings

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Log In To Router: How To Access & Change Settings

The configuration for your home Wi-Fi network is stored on your router. You must log in to your router's software, also known as firmware if you wish to make changes to your network. You can then rename your network, change the password, increase the security level, set up a guest network, and a range of other choices. But how can you get into your router to make such adjustments in the first place?

Whether you use your internet provider's router or your own, the process for getting into your router should be the same. Whether you utilize a dedicated router or a modem/router provided by your provider, the results should be the same.

Find Your Router's IP Address

A browser is used to access the firmware of your router. Any web browser will suffice. Fill up the address area with your router's IP address. The most common router IP is However, this isn't always the case, so double-check your router's address first.

To find your router's IP address, enter the command prompt by typing cmd in the Windows search box and pressing Enter. To run the command, type ipconfig into the command prompt and hit Enter. Under Ethernet adapter or Wireless LAN adapter, go through the information until you find a setting for Default Gateway. That's your router, and the number next to it is the IP address of your router. When you're finished, close the window at the command prompt

You can also view hardware and connection properties in Windows 10 by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Status > View hardware and connection properties. The following screen shows information about your various network connections. To determine your router's IP address, check for the Default Gateway setting in the Ethernet or Wi-Fi entry. Once you have the right IP address, type it into the address field of your browser and hit Enter network configurations

Username and Password

After entering the IP address, you'll be prompted for a login and password to access the firmware of your router. This is either the router's default username and password, or a unique username and password you created while setting up the router.

  • Login to the router

Log in with your own username and password if you created them yourself. Signing in gets more difficult if you don't remember your login credentials or if you've never changed them from the unit's default. Password recovery is available on some routers. If this is the case with your router, this option should display after a specific amount of incorrect username and password attempts. Typically, This box will prompt you for the serial number of your router, which may be found on the bottom or side of the router.

  • a new password

Many routers utilize a default username of admin and a default password of password if the login credentials have never been altered. To test if it works, try that combo. Otherwise, your best choice is to look for the default username and password for your router's brand, such as Netgear, Linksys, Asus, or TP-Link, on the internet.

Another method is to go to the Router Passwords website, where you can find a list of default usernames and passwords by selecting your router's manufacturer. To sign in to your router, try each of the options. passwords for routers.

If you still can't log into your router's firmware, you'll have to reset the device to restore its factory settings. On most routers, you'll find a little reset button. Push in and hold the reset button for around 10 seconds with a pointed object like a pen or paper clip. Using the default username and password, you should now be able to log into your router.

Change Router Settings

You'll be able to change whatever elements you want once you've gained access to your router's firmware. The network name and password, the security level, and the Wi-Fi password are among them. You can also manage attached devices, set up parental controls, and create a guest network. Just make sure to save your modifications before moving on to the next screen.

  • Router configurations

If you're not sure how to set the different parameters, documentation and built-in support should be accessible to aid you. Most newer routers come with setup wizards that will take care of some of the legwork for you.

Change Router Login

  • username and password for the router

You should, for example, modify the username and password on your router from the defaults. This ensures that only you have access to the router's firmware. You can change the username as well as the password on some routers. Others allow you to alter simply the password, but the username is usually set to admin.


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To change your password, go to the Administration tab and seek a password change option. The screen will most likely ask you for your current router password before prompting you to create a new one.

Remember the standard advice for creating a secure password while you construct the new password. Use a phrase that is simple enough for you to remember yet complicated enough that it is tough to guess. A pass that consists of a series of easy-to-remember words is likewise a viable choice.


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