How To Change Your Username In Quizlet

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How To Change Your Username In Quizlet

Despite how far we've progressed in terms of how we study and consume information, there was a time when Quizlet didn't exist. It's a good thing that flashcard apps like changing your username in Quizlet are available in a matter of a few clicks/taps to enable us to acquire and retain information in an exceedingly efficient manner for not only kids, but also teachers, educators, and parents.

Of course, with applications like Quizlet being utilized by schools and institutions on a regular basis, it's more crucial than ever to establish one's identity. It's also not uncommon for us to create a funny username when we first create our account and then wish to modify it later. So, let's look at how to change your username in Quizlet.

The process is extremely simple. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

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1) Go to your profile page, click on "edit profile" and delete everything in it.

2) Write a new username inside the field called "new name". In this example, I use "_louis_" as my new ID.

3) Click update and you will never be known as your old username again.

How to change your username in Quizlet on PC or Mac

1) Open Quizlet and go to your profile page.

2) Click the Edit Profile link, type your desired username in the New Name box and click Save Changes.

3) Enjoy!

4) Optional: You can also update your password, interests, etc., by clicking on those links under Edit Profile.

On iPhone and Android

If you don't already have it, download the Quizlet app from the Play Store or App Store, depending on the smartphone you're using, and then open it. If you haven't done so previously, you'll need to log in.

You'll need to log in once you've downloaded the app. You can either select an account from Google, Facebook, or Apple, or simply fill in your change your username in Quizlet and log in. On the bottom right side of your profile, you'll see a profile icon.

Keep in mind that your username can only be changed once. Quizlet hasn't said why, but it's probably because changing your login so frequently is bad etiquette and could confuse your teachers or educators. You will, however, only have one chance to get this correctly, so proceed accordingly. Take precautions and keep yourself safe!

Username Choosing Tips

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. I can't believe I chose such terrible usernames for my initial online accounts. So we're excited to let you know that you may now alter your change your username in Quizlet!

This is one of the most often requested features by our users, and we've taken note. From your Quizlet options, you can change your username just once. Simply scroll down to the "Username change" section and press the large button. You must create a unique username and double-check your password.

One thing to keep in mind is that your old account name will always be used to refer to your account. You can use either your old or new name to log in. This means no one will be able to impersonate you by using your old identity. The and accounts belong to the same person.

If you use Facebook to change your username in Quizlet, you'll be asked to validate your account before changing your username:

We've also taken this opportunity to improve Quizlet's security, making your account even more secure!

You can always email us at here if you have any questions.

Have you forgotten your account or password?

To get a new password, go to the Forgot Password page.

Please enter your username or email address.

Choose the option to reset your password. A password reset message will be sent to the email address linked with your change your username in Quizlet account.

As a result, how do you confirm your email address on Quizlet? Choose a profile for yourself. Make a selection of options. Select Email Confirmation from the drop-down menu. Choose to have the confirmation emailed to you again.

So, how can you update your quizlet username?

Changing your username

Make sure you're logged in to your account.

Make a selection of options.

Change your username by scrolling down.

Please type in your password.

Continue is the option.

Make a new username for yourself.

Select To save, update your username permanently.


The Quizlet is an online study platform that provides English learners with the world's largest digital vocabulary library. I think, Quizlet is a great way for students to prepare themselves before tests or exams. You can use it as a learning tool all the time because you are always adding words to your vocab list. This allows you to prepare for tests and exams without spending too much time studying.

It has many features that you can use to learn new words or revise your vocabulary, making it a really great study tool. It is very easy to use, so I believe it works well with people of all ages. Using Quizlet is more interesting than using excel sheets because you can create your own test and quiz, so it is an excellent way to learn new words. If you use Quizlet smartly , it provides a great place for you to learn English at the same time as having fun.


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