Create A PIN To Sign In To Your Chromebook Easily

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Create A PIN To Sign In To Your Chromebook Easily

You utilize your Google account credentials, which include your password when you first set up your Chromebook. However, typing in your long password over and over can become boring. Fortunately, Google allows you to log in with a PIN rather than your password. The end effect is comparable to logging on to a Windows 10 PC with a PIN. Here's how you can use a PIN instead of your Google account password to log into your Chromebook.

Sign in with a PIN on a Chromebook

Go to Settings > Device > Screen lock to create a PIN for logging in.

Signing in using a Chromebook

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Then, under the "Screen lock and sign-in choices" section, pick PIN or password and then the "Set up PIN" button after typing in your password once more.

Then you enter your PIN number, which must be at least six digits long, not simply four as you might assume. It's also worth noting that your PIN can be longer than six numbers, which adds an extra layer of security to your Chromebook. Your new PIN will need to be typed in twice.

Enter your Chromebook's PIN.

Sign In With PIN

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You will now see a number pad to type in your PIN the next time you log in. You may use your keyboard to input it, or you can use your touchpad to enter the numbers, or you can use your touchscreen to enter it. You can, of course, continue to use your old password.

The sign-in screen will show a number pad after you've set up a PIN, but you can still type your password if you like.

If you need to change the PIN in the future, go back to Settings > Screen lock and sign in, then select the "Change PIN" option and key in your new PIN the same way you did when you first set it up.

If you want to use the Smart Assistant but don't have your Android phone connected to your Chromebook, If you don't want to use the Smart Unlock feature on your Chromebook, you can use a PIN instead. It's especially useful if you utilise the Sleep Lock option on your Chromebook and frequently go in and out of it. To put the Chromebook to sleep, you'll need to enter a PIN each time you close it (closing the lid). Using the Sleep Lock function prevents unauthorised users from accessing your Chromebook.


NEWS The Right-Click Revolution Gmail's Context Menu Introduces Useful Options

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On August 16, 2021, this page was last updated.

Gmail is about to become a whole lot easier to use. The company is introducing a new enlarged context menu with features that will help you manage your mailbox more effectively.

Gmail is getting a new feature that will make it much easier to organise your communications. This week, Google revealed a new right-click context menu with a slew of new features. "Archive," "Mark as unread," and "Delete" are the only three options in Gmail's original right-click context menu (seen below). Here's a peek at what the new menu has to offer in terms of management options.

There are just three options for managing your messages in the current or "old" context menu.

Context Menu in Gmail Has Been Expanded

The new menu includes choices for replying to messages, forwarding them, and searching for all emails with the same subject or sender. You'll be able to use Gmail's snooze feature as well.

You can right-click (or long-press on a touchscreen) on a message to bring up a context menu with new options like "Reply," "Move to," "Open in a new window," and more after the new menu has been rolled out to your account.

Right-Click Context Menu in Gmail

It's worth noting that the menu options you see depend on whether or not you've enabled Conversation mode. With Conversation mode enabled, for example, you'll be able to "Reply all," but you won't be able to find additional emails with the same subject.

The options in this extended menu feel like they should have always been included in Gmail. Regardless, the new menu is already available, and anyone who uses Gmail will appreciate the additional options. It's a lot more useful, and it makes it a lot easier to manage your inbox.

G Suite members will get the new menu first, followed by standard free personal accounts, according to Google. The gradual rollout will affect G Suite users. This week, it has already begun to roll out. The full distribution to everyone will begin on February 22nd, according to the business.

There's good news! My G Suite and personal Gmail accounts both have the new menu as of this writing. There are also a lot of other folks online who claim to have the updated menu. If you don't have it yet, hang in there; the new context menu is rolling out to everyone in the next weeks.


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