5 Sign Up Form Examples For More Conversions

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5 Sign Up Form Examples For More Conversions

A website's sign-up forms are an essential component. Sign-up forms can be used to generate leads, collect emails for your newsletter, and acquire new clients, depending on the nature of your business. The issue is that many companies neglect to optimise their sign-up forms for conversion.

In 2020, sign-up forms will still be highly useful in generating leads for your organisation. In order to build a list of permission-based, engaged subscribers, you'll need a sign-up form. It's a versatile tool that can be applied to a variety of marketing channels, including social media platforms, blogs, and websites.

You'll be squandering a lot of opportunities to expand your business if your sign-up forms aren't optimised.

I've developed this collection of examples to help you avoid wasting your time, energy, and money on a sign-up form that won't convert. In this post, you'll discover how to develop conversion-driven sign-up forms and sign-up form samples that stand out in 2020.

Let's get this party started.

Best Practices for Increasing Conversions on Sign-Up Forms

You need to make eye-catching email sign-up forms if you want to generate more leads and convert them. On the internet, there are a lot of distractions, and if you don't attract the user's attention in the first few seconds, you can lose the lead.

Follow these sign-up form design rules to improve your chances of attracting visitors' attention and encouraging them to take a specified action:

Enhance the size of your form fields.

Your major goal should be to improve the user experience as much as possible while building sign-up forms. The tab button will not be used by all users on your site to go from one form field to the next. To fill in their information, some people would use mouse clicks and touch screens. Make sure the fields are displayed so people may simply fill out their information.

Two-column fields should be avoided.

Your sign-up forms must work well on both desktop and mobile devices. Because of the rectangular screen that can handle two columns, a two-column field may make sense for desktop users. It would be difficult to utilise for mobile users and would reduce readability.

Multiple columns can also make it difficult for visitors to fill out the fields. When filling out a two-column field, there's a good likelihood that users will skip a line or two. This would cause the entire registration process to be delayed, and some users may become frustrated and quit the form.

Limit yourself to four fields or less.

It's critical to reduce the amount of fields on example of a sign up form if you want to enhance engagement. More fields might contribute to a cluttered environment. According to studies, forms with fewer fields have a greater conversion rate.

Companies with fewer than five fields have 20% more conversions than those with more fields, as shown in the graph above.

Make your form as short as possible, with no more than four fields. Remove any information from the form that isn't necessary for converting a lead. To avoid creating an unduly long form, limit yourself to the questions that are truly necessary. When joining up for an newsletter sign up form examples, you do not need to ask for a phone number.

The majority of visitors do not want to waste time filling out a registration form.

Asterisks should be avoided, and password form fields should be double-checked.

As I previously stated, you should keep your form fields as brief as possible. If you follow this guideline, you won't have to use those ugly asterisks to indicate required fields You won't need an asterisk to indicate where users must fill out your form if you just provide important fields.

Also, instead of asking the user to confirm their password in a separate box, ask them to confirm it in the main field. Instead, insert a "display password" button in the same field goal to let the user to see the password they chose.

Pro Tip:

Instead of requiring the user to provide both a username and an email address, make the email address the username. The number of fields on the form would be reduced as a result.

Avoid fields with a lot of variables and give clear instructions.

Your sign-up form should be simple and straightforward. Avoid using fields that are too complicated for the users. Do not wait until the users have made a mistake to tell them what to do when they fill out the form. Place clear instructions near the field so that people know what to do.

Your sign-up button should be prominent and communicate a clear message.

It should pique the user's interest and compel them to perform a specific action. Choose a bright colour that contrasts with the backdrop colour of the form.

Make sure to provide a clear value proposition in the wording for your sign-up button. Use "claim your free trial" or "start your free demo" instead of a simple "sign up" or "download" button. The latter paragraph clarifies what the user will receive if they join up.


If you have a electronic signature form example on your site, test it out to see how well it converts. If you're getting a low number of leads, consider changing the form. Speaking from experience, I can assure you that the steps mentioned above will help you improve your conversion rate and generate more leads by optimizing your sign up forms.

If you have another sign up form that converts well, please share it by leaving a comment.

Thank You.


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