10 Commonly Used Login Pages You Need To Bookmark

3 days ago | Piper Prohaska

10 Commonly Used Login Pages You Need To Bookmark

It isn't easy to track something, with several logins and passwords to remember. Even if you have the world's best organizational skills, you are going to end up with the help of millions of various websites. Unfortunately, many websites don't make their login pages easy to find, and it makes things much more difficult, so logging in to your account can be very frustrating. This article collects 10 Commonly Used Login Pages You Need to Bookmark.

Although the dream of the internet has not quite been realized in the way we would hope, it is still an immense tool that can save your time, money and even keep you alive when things get dire. You need to know where to look. That's why we found 10 Commonly Used Login Pages You Need to Bookmark

that is helpful, important, interesting, and worthy of being part of the greatest wonder of the digital world. If you don't have an account and want to log in for some of these services, you can generally register for a new account from the login page.

Useful Login Pages You Need to Bookmark


Shopify is the most famous eCommerce platform that comes with creating a complete online store and website. Categories, products, a built-in shopping cart, and many more features are included in Shopify.

Business owners can also make extra pages for their website to arrange information as needed. Shopify pricing is available in various tiers also a free trial.


It is an image search platform that also has reverse image searchability. TinEye does everything that Google's reverse image search does and builds on the capacity to search images without copyrights, find out personal or commercial pictures, and generally fleshes out Google's engine to be more visually friendly.

Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook has two different Microsoft services, and it is quite common to get them mixed up. To clarify, Outlook.com is formerly known as Hotmail and is a free email service with a built-in calendar and other high-quality email features.

Microsoft Outlook is an email client, an app for devices and desktop computers that lets you access and download your emails with additional organizational features.

Airport WiFi:

Airport WiFi develops to offer passwords to every single WiFi signal in every airport in the world; those who travel and want to stay connected should keep this on hand, so they are never out of reach.


GoDaddy is most popular as a domain registrar but has stretched its services to adding hosting, email, GoCentral website builder, and much more. Regardless of how many GoDaddy services you use, you can access all of them by the same login page, but if you wish to check your email, the GoDaddy webmail login page allows you there instantly.


Gmail is a free email service with a lot of space, customizable folders and filtering, and other helpful features for running a business.

In addition, Gmail is fully desegregated with your Google account, providing you access to your Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, and much more right next to your inbox.


People are busy, and trying to arrange an event to fit everyone's schedule is very difficult. With the help of Doodle, you can obtain everyone on the same page for your occasions like birthday, wedding, charity gala, or any other event.

It allows people to RSVP, show their available dates and also makes scheduling a collaborative breeze.


3dcart is the most powerful eCommerce platform with the complete set of included features on the market. Business owners can use 3dcart to create a complete website that includes content pages, a blog, categories and products, and a built-in shopping cart. Numerous pricing tiers are available, and also there is a 15-day free trial for testing the 3dcart.


PayPal is a very famous payment provider that works with nearly every eCommerce platform and website builder worldwide. PayPal users can send and get money between other PayPal accounts and bank accounts.

Customers can use it to make purchases instantly and very easily, and sellers can set up a merchant account to accept PayPal on their online store.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics offers awareness of customer behavior and traffic emergence. It can connect with many types of website builders and eCommerce platforms. With Google Analytics, you can find out where your customers are located and how they are reaching your website.

You can connect to Google Analytics via the new Google Marketing Platform or your existing Google Account.

Final Thought

Bookmarking these pages will make it very easy for you to access them instantly. Your choice as to how you organize your bookmarks, but we suggest you keep all your business-related ones together.

Many users choose to place all their business bookmarks into a folder to get them from the Bookmarks or Favorites menu in their browser. Others choose to put all their important bookmarks on the bookmarks bar, where they will always be available at the top of the browser window. The most important thing is to search for a method that works for you.


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