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1 week ago Web Apr 23, 2019  · This module allows you to login in users by their ip address. You can define a regex pattern for specific ip addresses like "/127\.0\.0\.0/" for the localhost ip address …

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1 week ago Web Restrict login by IP When a user is restricted, that user will not be able to log in outside the defined IP address ranges. It is also possible to specify global IP address ranges, which …

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5 days ago Web This module allows administrators to restrict access to the site to an administrator defined set of IP addresses. Anyone trying to access the site from an IP address not in the list of …

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1 week ago Web Nov 16, 2020  · Everyone suggested me to use location block in nginx like: location = /user { include /path/to/trusted-ips.txt; deny all; } But due to some nginx rewrite rules it is not …

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1 week ago Web How to access the Drupal admin login page? The admin page URL varies depending on your Drupal application version. More information on how to see which Drupal version …

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2 days ago Web Drupal 7.x user.module function user_login_final_validate Same name and namespace in other branches The final validation handler on the login form. Sets a form error if user …

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